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What is the nearest tube station to Farnborough?

The Nearest Tube Station to Farnborough is New Cross. is London's underground tube station finder. See the Google map below which shows the exact location in London where the New Cross tube stop can be found.

The New Cross Tube Stop is the nearest underground tube station if you're looking to get to somewhere in or around Farnborough in London. But, be sure to check the rest of this page to see the other underground stations near to Farnborough. In London, it can sometimes be quicker to get out and walk from a tube stop on another line and will save you time and hassle!

Map of Farnborough's nearest tube station

This Google map shows exactly where the New Cross tube station is located in Farnborough. Click and drag the map to view the surrounding Farnborough area and plan your journey. Use the map to discover how you can easily get to your destination in Farnborough.

Know of a quicker route or tube stop to get to Farnborough?

If you're viewing this page and know about a quicker route to get to Farnborough, please let us know and help keep our London tube finder directory up-to-date and as informative and accurate as possible.